Competitive rulesets and formats in an extended multi-game league are what set Orange County Mahjong apart. Here you can see our Hall of Fame of previous season champions!


OC 5th League

Fall 2021

Now there are two ways to advance to the League Finals: the top two players in a 15-game cumulative score window, and average score across all games.

Emerald Cup

Spring 2020

​The Emerald Cup was our first online tournament. All finalists received cash prizes, with first place receiving $150.

Winner: noobitakun


OC 3rd League

Fall 2019

Our first league with prizing! This was also our first two-stage tournament, with a Qualifier and Final.

Winner: Bryant


OC 4th League

Summer 2021

To celebrate our COVID reopening, our Summer 2021 league is free for all club members!

Winner: Nicky

OC 2nd League

Summer 2019

Our first official league in which cumulative score was used to determine the victor.

Winner: Nicky