OC Mahjong

Riichi Mahjong GUILD
Irvine, California 

At OCMJ, our mission is to empower and elevate players to their full potential. We are dedicated to creating an environment that fosters growth and discussions through our mentorship program.




Non-members: $20 per day

Members: $10 per day

Lifetime Membership: $50

Membership will be offered to those who are invested in improving their gameplay and seeking endorsement.

COVID-19 Policy

All attendees are required to be fully vaccinated. A staff member will ask for a photo of your COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card on Discord after you register for an event.

We will not permit the entrance of any individual who has attended any public and/or ticketed event with out-of-state visitors within the past 2 weeks (fourteen calendar days). Alternatively, a negative result from a molecular (PCR) test taken at least 5 days after last exposure is sufficient. Any violation of this policy will result in, at minimum, a one-month ban from our meetings.

All attendees will be subject to a no-contact temperature check upon arrival. Attendees with temperatures above 100.3°F will be asked to leave.


Please join us on Discord for our specific location!