Does OC Mahjong welcome new players?

We welcome players of all skill levels, including those with no prior experience— we would love to be part of your Riichi Mahjong experience!

Why does OC Mahjong emphasize rules and manners?

OC Mahjong's Rules and Manners are intended to clearly, without ambiguity, define expectations for how the game should be played in order to ensure smooth operation of the game. Having this set standard not only offers more organized gameplay, but also prevents any confusion or discrepancies in interpretation of the rules.

What value does OC Mahjong provide to club members?

In addition to a space for members to play Riichi Mahjong on automatic tables, we also encourage players' improvement and growth by offering advice, resources, and play reviews.

Why does OC Mahjong announce our club mission?

Our club mission is posted publicly so that we are held accountable for our stated goals: to invest in players who are committed to bettering their gameplay and to providing an environment for anyone interested in Mahjong, regardless of skill level or experience.

Why does OC Mahjong have a decency agreement?

The Decency Agreement serves to delineate liability and to improve the overall atmosphere of the club.

How frequently does staff meet to discuss direction?

OC Mahjong staff meet weekly in order to review effectiveness of club activities, iterate on processes, and ensure that all officers are actively making efforts to realize the club's mission.

Why does OC Mahjong have a league?

OC Mahjong hosts leagues to track and encourage our players' growth and improvement.