Team & MIssion


Mahjong’s greatest enjoyment comes from refining your skills by developing a deeper understanding of the game.

Our mission is to invest in players who are committed to bettering their gameplay. We are dedicated to providing an environment for anyone invested in Mahjong, regardless of skill level or experience.


Aaron Liao (founder, President)

Aaron was introduced to Mahjong through his friends in 2017. After slowly learning the rules by himself, Aaron founded OC Mahjong in September of 2018. Since then, he has used his organizational and planning expertise to push for continuous process improvements and provide more value to club members.

Bryant Lin (director of strategy)

Bryant started playing Riichi Mahjong competitively in LAPOM in 2017. He was the first place winner in their main league several times. He joined OC Mahjong during its inception and was instrumental in establishing the competitive environment of OC Mahjong.

Shannon Chen (Community manager)

Shannon has been playing Riichi Mahjong for over six years. Though she began mahjong as a casual hobby with friends, she gradually became more involved in the competitive scene after joining OC Mahjong. She is passionate about creating a welcoming space for players interested in taking their mahjong skills to the next level.

Nima Hosseini (Consultant, Coach)

Nima started playing Riichi Mahjong competitively at LAPOM in 2017. He was the first non-Japanese player to become a LAPOM league champion and went on to win many other leagues. He also received a special invitation to the 28th Ryuuou-sen Pro-Amateur event. He now imparts his hard-earned, battle-tested knowledge to aspiring mahjong talents here at OC Mahjong.