Leagues Overview


Spring 2023

We're back with an initiates league to welcome our new members!

Sixth League

Spring 2022

We're changing up the league format again! Fixed windows of 8 hanchan each will be used instead of rolling consecutive-game windows.

Winner: Nicky

Fifth League

Fall 2021

Now there are two ways to advance to the League Finals: the top two players in a 15-game cumulative score window, and average score across all games.

Winner: Nima

Fourth League

Summer 2021

To celebrate our COVID reopening, our Summer 2021 league is free for all club members!

Winner: Nicky

Third League

Fall 2019

Our first league with prizing! This was also our first two-stage tournament, with a Qualifier and Final.

Winner: Bryant

Second League

Summer 2019

Our first official league in which cumulative score was used to determine the victor.

Winner: Nicky

First League

Fall 2018 - Spring 2019

A cumulative score record of all games played in the first two quarters since the club's inception.

Winner: Nicky